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Runaway Teacher – Pete Johnson. Reviewed by Fred Nicholson School.

emz: Very Interesting. This story is about a teacher and his students. It is very funny and when you get to read the book you will get engrossed in the story. When I first started reading the book ,I thought I would not like it , but when the new teacher said “call me mt ” and got involved with the students, I was surprised
to find out what happened next .

marshmallow: RUNAWAY TEACHER is fun for kids and very funny and the book is really cool i like the book the book need to be published on a DVD it will be better on a DVD every teenager will like RUNAWAY TEACHER it was from PETE JOHNSON.
wen i 1st started readied the book i loved the RUNAWAY TEACHER.

Minereye02: It is a great book and funny too, and especially Chapter 5 was the funniest thing I have seen. I cant believe it. Read chapter 5 when you get to it. 😀

kieran: runaway teacher barrington stoke Pete Johnson. is a fascinating book to read and i think that the book age is for teenagers and young adults. i thought.

me+book review= a honest review: I must say, for quite a short experience, it doesn’t disappoint. It isn’t a masterpiece but it did lure me in with the story line. The story is about a young English teacher that has just joined a school and a class full of irresponsible children. It will surprise you, not just a little but quite a lot. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quick read but doesn’t want to be blown away.

mobe: You might like this story about two best friends and a teacher who become good friend’s. I don’t like reading book’s but this made me interested. I like the part were the teacher give the kids whisky and one of the fools vomits.

jack: on the good side of the book – this book is INTRIGUING their are alot of disasters in the book. its set in school. on the bad side – the story is intresting but it could do with a longer story

queenbee: It was a good book. I found it interesting, i like all the teacher it was like a comedy show,but all so isn’t dangerous to give whisky but i think it would be better on DVD

Runaway Teacher

Let us know what you think! Do you have any book recommendations?

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