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There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom – Louis Sacher. Reviewed by Tbone (10)

Louis Sachar wrote “There’s a boy in the girl’s bathroom” in 1987, although it was not available in England until 2001! HIs bestseller “Holes” is a school text in my local comprehensive school. I found this title when playing on the computer and subsequently got it out the library. And I am very glad I made this discovery.

Jeff and Bradley are school friends in America. Jeff is new to the school and Bradley is the bad boy. Jeff is introduced to the school councillor Carla and she asks him to help Bradley but, Bradley is seriously bad. He does really wicked things. Carl and Jeff will not give up hoping he will change and show everyone his good side.

When Bradley intentionally gives Jeff the wrong directions to the toilets and Jeff ends up in the girls’ bathroom, I laughed out loud. I did feel sorry for Jeff but at the same time found it hilarious. It is so life-like.

I am glad that I carried on with this book because initially the book did drag on a little. Now i can say it was persevering! In my experience many teachers and adults give up on wicked children and ultimately they get moved to other schools. It is great to read about someone getting the chance and help to change. I think this book is fun to read as a young person but should also be read by adults.

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boy girls' bathroom

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