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The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins. Reviewed by Ayooshala (12)

This book is set in the future where part of America is turned into a place called Panem, made up of 13 districts and ruled over by the Capitol. 74 years before the story begins there is a civil war between the Capitol and rebels. The Capitol wins and destroys district 13. To punish the people they create the hunger games. Every year from each district one girl and one boy above the age of 12 are chosen from the ‘reaping bowl’ to compete in it ( When a person turns 12 they are entered once, when they turn 13 twice etc until the age of 18 where their name goes into the big glass ball 7 times. They must go into an arena (changes every time, one year it could be a forest and the next a desert) and kill each other. The winner is the last one alive. They are guarenteed fame and fortunate.

This story follows a girl called Katnis Everdeen from district 12. She is very poor and her father is dead. She lives with her mum and sister named Prim who she adores. To prevent her family from starving she hunts in the wood and becomes very good with a bow and arrow. Prim gets chosen to go to the Hunger Games and Katniss volunteers to go in her place. To find out what happens next, read the book! I guarantee that you will enjoy it!

I recommend this book to ages 11+ as it is quite violent and deals with mature topics.

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