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The Apple Tart of Hope – Sarah Moore Fitzgerald. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (11)

When Oscar Dunleavy disappears, Meg’s whole world changes.

Oscar used to make the best apple tarts, one night, Oscar smelt someone in need of help, he woke up, baked an apple tart, he told Meg (his next door neighbour and best friend) to get changed, because they were going down to the pier. When they got there, there was a man called Barney Brittle, he wanted them to take his dog, but Oscar just gave him the apple tart. That day, Barney didn’t kill himself.

Soon Meg moved to New Zealand, for six months. The person who moved into her house was horrible, so horrible she make Oscar try to kill himself…

This is a very moving tale, about loyalty, friendship, and the power of never giving up hope. I loved it so much, that I said to my mum that she should read it, and she did. This is a truly wonderful book.

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