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Ruby Redfort: Blink and You Die – Lauren Child. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (11)

(This is the last in the series, so don’t judge if it doesn’t make sense)

‘When your name is written large on a psychopath’s hit list do you:

A: Turn the locks, switch off all the lights and wait for someone else to do something?

B: Get out there and save yourself?

For Ruby Redfort, undercover agent and thirteen-year-old school kid, it can only be option B.

Death or glory.’

Ruby’s running. From a whole bunch of people who want to kill her. The Count, The Australian, and even someone INSIDE Spectrum (Ruby’s employers). What could be happier?!

Ruby’s the only one who can do it. But does she have what it takes to take down whoever is ‘pulling the strings’?

Who killed Bradley Baker? Was it really LB? Who is The Australian? And most importantly: Who is the Spectrum mole?

Find out the answer to all these questions and more in this phenomenal series finale!!!!

THIS WAS AMAZING!!! How do I express how amazing this books was? Well it was just… WOW… just… wow. The last 50 pages were probably the best written 50 pages I have ever read, ever!! The whole book was just so gripping, and I would give it 1,000,000 stars out of 10. Comletely and utterly amazing. I WANT MMMOOORRREEE!!!!!!!!!! You know, if you wanna read this book right now (which if you don’t, then you need go get help!), just click the link below, and a portion of the price will go to Beanstalk – who help children in schools, who struggle with reading.

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