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My Brother is a Superhero – David Solomons. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (11)

‘My brother is a superhero, and I could have been one too, except that I needed a wee.’

Eleven year old Luke Parker has just experianced one thing that a comic book lover should never have to experiance. Missing out on being a real life superhero. Luke, his brother Zack,  their mum and dad live in a mild-mannered part of London. Suddenly, Zorbon the Decider decided to pop in for a visit, just as Luke went to the loo. Zorbon told Zack that he would need to save not one, but TWO worlds, from Nemesis. But just who, or what, is nemesis? I know, but am not going to tell you. HA.

Zack’s first test, is to go and help the girl he likes get her phone out of the drain (he uses telecanesis). But soon something much bigger comes, but still not that big. He stopped the 227 bus from crashing. But now something biger than big happens. ZACK GETS KIDNAPPED!! is the world in jeopardy? Yes.

Find out who Nemesis is, and loads more stuff!

This is a great book. at first I wasn’t that sure, as I don’t really like superheroes. But it was actually really good!

(Buy the book and help us raise money for Beanstalk, the reading charity)

Let us know what you think! Do you have any book recommendations?

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