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Cream Buns and Crime – Robin Stevens. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (11)

This is a book of mini mysteries, activities, cream buns, and crime.

The Case of the Blue Violet

Violet Darby – one of the Big Girls – asked Daisy to solve a romantic mystery. Violet’s father, suggests she meets a man named Edward. So they meet, and Violet falls in love with him. It was all going very well, until Violet had to go back to Deepdean (the school that the girls are at). The very first thing that she did, was write to Edward. Two days later she got a reply. It was basically saying that he had never met her in his life, and he doesn’t recognise any of the things that she mentions in her letter. She wrote back, hoping it was a joke, but she got a letter back, saying that there seems to be something wrong with Violet, and to stop writing letters to him. Can Daisy and Hazel sort out, this confusing mystery?

The Case of the Deepdean Vampire

When a new girl comes to school, Daisy is sceptical, as always. But she has good reason, The new girl (Camilla Badescu) has very red lips, and her teeth are slightly pointed, she almost looks like a vampire. Amy Jessop is camilla’s best friend, but she follows her everywhere. “‘She’s a vampire,’ said Binny Freebody immediately. ‘She drinks Amy Jessop’s blood. She’s got dark power over her.'”.

Is a Vampire really in Deepdean? Will Daisy and Hazel be the ones to find out?


This book is really great. I read it while I was on holiday. It is really good for planes, or holidays. It provides pretty much endless entertainment. Can you crack the codes, can you guess ‘who dunnit’?




Let us know what you think! Do you have any book recommendations?

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