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Rose in the Blitz – Rebecca Stevens. Reviewed by Future Author ABC (12)

This story is complicated but really good as it is all about memories and World War 2.

It all starts with a girl called Rose, who lives in 2016. She lives in a house that belongs to her Great Aunt Cosy, a very kind lady who suffers from memory loss. It is the night before her mum remarries to a man that Rose doesn’t really like. But that night she sees her Great-Aunt Cosy leave the house in her dressing gown and walk down the street and Rose, thinking it is just another of her midnight rambles, follows her to the train station. However, she soon discovers that she has gone back in time with her dog to the London of Aunt Cosy’s youth, where she is in the midst of WW2. Here she meets Rosemary (Aunt Cosy) and various other members of her family, as well as other people from the war-torn London that Rosemary grew up in.

I really recommend this book for anyone who likes mystery, adventure, family, romance and historical books because I like all of these and I loved the book! It’s exciting, adventurous and a must-read!

I think it should be for 9-13 year-olds but of course you can read it if you are not that age too!

My favourite character is Aunt Cosy because she is the one who links the two time periods of the story together and without her the story would not happen. She is also very kind.

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