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The Goldfish Boy – Lisa Thompson. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (12)

Matthew has OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). He hates germs, and going outside; so he just spends his days in his spick and span bedroom, making notes about his neighbours. Matthew’s notes aren’t very interesting, they are just like: ‘10:40 a.m.    Old Nina is on her step, looking very nervous. She has her little silver watering can in one hand.‘. They all go along the lines of this, until Casey and Teddy go to stay with their grandad, Mr Charles. One day, Casey and Teddy are playing in the back garden, by the pond, when Teddy grabs Casey’s doll, and throws it into the pond. His sister is livid. So livid that she runs at Teddy, and pushes him into the pond!

A short while later (after Mr Charles fished Teddy out of the pond) he went missing. That is where the true mystery starts.

‘A story about finding friendship when you’re lonely – and hope when all you feel is fear.’

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