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What not to do if you turn Invisible – Ross Welford. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (12)

Twelve year old Ethel lives with her Gram. Her Mum died of Cancer when Ethel was three, and her Dad ran away. Ethel has acne all over her face, everyone at school calls her ‘Pizza Face’. So she tries many remedies to cure her acne, but none of them work. Her most recent cure, is called ‘Dr Chang His Skin So Clear’. It comes in the form of a powder, and you are supposed to dissolve it in water, but Ethel never knows how much to use, as the instruction are in Chinese. One day, Ethel is walking home from school, and she sees that the tanning shop is closing down. So she goes in, and the woman gives her a sunbed, for free. Ethel acquires the help of the boy that she is walking with, to help her get it home. Later that day, Ethel has taken her dose of ‘Dr Chang His Skin So Clear’, so she lays down in the sunbed, and falls asleep.

When she wakes up, something odd has happened. She knows that her eyes are closes, but she can still see. She gets out of the sunbed, and looks in the mirror. She is invisible!

This is a heart-warming tale of friendship, and invisible-ness.


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