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928 Miles From Home – Kim Slater. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (12)

Callum Brooks lives on an estate, in a little flat. He lives with his dad, but his dad works away quite a lot. At school, Callum is friends with the bullies, and they bully a Polish kid, called Sergi, or as the bullies call him: Immi Grant. When he grows up, Callum wants to be a screen writer. There is a screen writing competition on at the local community centre, you have to write about something happening on the estate, but Callum thinks that nothing ever happens on the estate. So he doesn’t enter.

His dad comes home, and tells Callum that he is seeing someone, and Callum’s dad’s new girlfriend is coming over with her special someone. This special someone turns out to be someone very suprising.

After an accident, outside the community centre, Callum must get the help of the someone special, to find the culprit of the hit-and-run driver, and the vandalist, that has been smashing the windows of the community centre.

This is a great story, about accepting others, and making friends.

928 miles

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