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The Light Jar – Lisa Thompson. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (12)

Gary isn’t being very nice to Nate’s mum (Gary is Nate’s mum’s new boyfriend, by the way) so mum takes Nate, in the middle of the night and she puts him in the car. She drives off. She takes Nate to a cottage. It used to belong to a gardener, called William, an old friend of grandma. Mum went out to get some shopping, but after 24 hours, she hadn’t come back. Leaving Nate all alone, in a run down shack, full of chicken poo. With only the chicken for company. But then the chicken leaves.

Sam, Nate’s imaginary friend, from when he was younger, appears. Sam keeps Nate company. But then someone called Kitty comes, saying that she lives in the mansion on the other side of the garden. She said that her father, James lived there with his mother and father and sister, Charlotte. The gardener, whom’s house Nate was staying in, used to hide treasures for James and Charlotte, but after an accident, the latest treasure was left un found. Kitty wanted Nate’s help to find it.

Can they find the lost treasure, and can Nate find mum? I don’t know, why are you asking me? Actually, that is a lie. I do know what happens. I read this book and loved it. It is witty, and has lots of twists and turns, that I would never expect. I am just choosing not to tell you what happens.

No, I will not accept your bribe. The only way that you shall find out what happens, is by reading The Light jar, when it comes out: today!

Goodbye, now!

A quick thanks to Scholastic for sending a review copy, and inviting me to take part in The Light Jar blog tour, today being the first day!


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