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George – Alex Gino. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (12)

George is sure that she is a girl. She was born a boy, but she knows that she’s not. People see her as a boy. People think that she’s gay. When George’s teacher tells the class that their class play will be Charlotte’s Web George really wants to play Charlotte, the spider. But her teacher tells her that she can’t even audition for the part of Charlotte, because she’s a boy. As anyone would be, if their dreams had been crushed by gender stereotypes, George was devastated.

But with the aid of George’s best friend, Kelly, she comes up with a crafty plan, so that she can play Charlotte, but so everyone can see who she is, really.

George is a moving book about being who you are. It’s about being different. Knowing yourself. And I love the fact that Kelly (George’s best friend) is so understanding, and cool! This is a really great book. I loved it. Also, a bonus, the text size is quite big, so it’s really easy to read. I find, if the text is too small, the words swim around a bit, but the font was nice and big, so made it easy to read.

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