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Scrapbook Of My Life – Alfie Deyes. Reviewed by disneyxpanda (11)

I have recently finished this book and although it is more of a diary-type-of-thing, (clue is in the name xD) it was a great, interesting and funny read. I think that it was really interesting and was a great getaway reading book. Written by the now-famous youtuber Alfie Deyes, it describes many funny stories from his childhood with his parents, friends and older sister Poppy to the present day including funny memories from when he was a kid to funny memories from being with his girlfriend Zoe Sugg. Like his other books, the pointless books series, he has created an app called The Scrapbook Of My Life where on some pages you can scan the symbol and it includes some extra features like videos from his gymnastics competitions from when he was younger – trying not to give too much away- to videos of him and Poppy playing in the bath!

I recommend this to any children who have seen him before between the ages of 8+.


Let us know what you think! Do you have any book recommendations?

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