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The Werewolf of Davenport – D.T. Vaughn. Reviewed by Banana Girl (12)

Everything has been peaceful in Davenport. Wyatt is settling in well in his new life; he has friends, a great teacher and school life and a secret job of protecting his town against evil, that is so secret only a couple of people know about it. One of those things is a bit different to the others though… It is quite easy though, this job, (which is called being a gatekeeper ) there hasn’t been any threat to Davenport for a while – that is until several very strange events start to take place – a summer bazaar is attacked by a rogue werewolf, a mysterious ghost girl appears to be haunting Wyatt, vicious attacks by bogles ( horrible grey flying creatures ) and a group of vampires moving into Davenport. However, all these events are more than they seem, and may well be connected to each other. Wyatt must find the connection before it is too late in order to save the place he now calls his home.

A brilliant sequel to the first book ‘The Midnight Glass’ (I would recommend reading that book before this one, so you can understand and enjoy this book better) – I always really enjoy reading sequels to books, as they answer many questions you may have had in the first book. I feel like this book showed a lot on how important family and friends are, especially during hard times, and that you can always find a friend somewhere, even in the most unexpected of places.

Werewolf drawing



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