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The Raven Mysteries: Vampires and Volts – Marcus Sedgewick and Pete Williamson. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (12)

Every year there is a Great Halloween Ball, this year it was going be hosted at the Hungry Hall. But suddenly Hungry Hall was burned to a crisp. So the Otherhand family step in, and take the ball into their own hands. So it’s all hands on deck to make Castle Otherhand look even spookier. The children (Solstice and Cudweed) are sent up the battlements, to throw squishy pumpkins on pesky trick or treaters, while Lord Valevine Otherhand and all the staff put the finishing touches on the castle. Lady Minty Otherhand was carrying out the intricate, three hour, task of getting ready.

When the time comes, guests come flooding into the castle. But in the middle of the celebrations, the lights go out. The mass panic, and many of the guests manage to find their way out. However, some guests have got injured. When the lights come on, Minty finds that a maid has had all her blood drained, and has two puncture marks in her neck! There is a creature on the loose and it is up to the Otherhands to find it!

I love this book! It is the fourth book in the series and they are all narrated by a raven called Edgar. All the mysteries end up getting solved by Edgar, because he is really smart, and observant. Also the characters are really good, and the books are really well written! The illustrations are also really great!

Let us know what you think! Do you have any book recommendations?

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