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Rebound – Kwame Alexander. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (12)

Charlie Bell is mourning the death of his father, and he’s not really getting on with his mum. But when his friend Skippy comes round with his cousin Ivan, to ask Charlie Bell if he wants to get some sweets, they are actually stealing Mrs Wilson’s bottles – she leaves empty bottles outside her front door, for her son to come and pick up and take the shop to get exchanged for money. When Charlie Bell gets back from his little escapade, his mum somehow knows, and tells him to go down to Mrs Wilson’s house and see if he can do anything for her. That is how Charlie started walking Woodrow Wilson (later to be known as Harriet), Mrs Wilson’s dog.

Over the Summer Charlie Bell’s mum sends him to stay with his grandparents. There he is met with his grandfather, telling him to cut the grass, making him work, picking peaches. But Charlie’s grandad works at the Boys and Girls Club, so he takes Charlie Bell, and his cousin Roxie with him. Charlie starts out playing the arcade games, but then goes to watch Roxie play basketball, she calls him onto the court, as they are one player down in their match. That is where it all starts.

I think this is a really great and interesting book. I really like basketball, however I am really bad at it; so it was cool to read a book about basketball. The writing is split up into little poems almost, so the structure is very interesting.

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