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  1. Hi Tricia, After doing a quick check, it seems as if all the hotels within 1-2 kms of Wandin are booked out. There are however a number of hotels/BB”s located in Seville (5kms), Monbulk (10kms) and Mount Dandenong (15kms). I have listed a few of the ones that are left: 1. Ainsworth Estate, Seville $290 per night 2. Aquila Nova Resort, Monbulk $450 per night 3. Rustic Refuge Guesthouse, Kalorama $125 per night 4. Merrow Cottages, Mt. Dandenong $295 per night 5. Annie Roes Luxury BB, Olinda $245 per night I hope this helps! A lot of other hotels do seem to have booked out around the event dates, so I wouldn”t wait too long. Have a great time at the Herb and Chilli Festival 2017! Kind regards, Jess

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