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The Mirror of Pharos – J S Landor (with illustrations by Amanda Pike). Reviewed by BabyBlueTurtle (age 12)

If I had to describe this book in one word it would be Fandabbydozy – or if you have not heard of that before AMAZEBALLS!

It is a very gripping story with great cliff hangers and a roller-coaster of unexpected events with many twists and turns.

A great book that I would definitely recommend to others .

(I am almost lost for words it was sooooo good).



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  1. A very big thank you to BabyBlueTurtle for this wonderful review of The Mirror of Pharos. Alpha the wolf sends a howl of appreciation. ‘Fandabbydozy’ is a great word. It describes perfectly the feeling authors gets when they receive such lovely feedback! 🙂 J S Landor

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