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The Good Doctor – Juno Dawson. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (13)

When the Doctor, Ryan, Yaz and Graham visit an alien planet named Lobos, to end a civil war between the native Loba and the Human settlers, it all goes great! Civil war over, peace treaty signed, time to get back in the TARDIS, great. All is good until Ryan realises he’s left his phone in a radio control room, on Lobos, from where he was controlling a drone. He can’t afford another one, so they have to go back to pick it up. They arrive back on Lobos, and the Doctor and Ryan step out of the TARDIS, instructing Graham and Yaz to stay behind. The Doctor and Ryan soon realise that they have gone forward or back in time a few hours because it is dark. They also realise that they hadn’t materialised at the foot of the control room tower, so they start up over the hill to where the tower should be, but find a strange monument in the centre of town. It looks like a blue police box. It has an inscription that says ‘TORDOS’.

Worried about the Doctor and Ryan, Yaz leaves the safety of the TARDIS to look for them, Graham goes with her, as he says they shouldn’t split up. But immediately they are confronted by a drone, asking for identification. Yaz pushes Graham into a bush, so the drone thinks she’s on her own. The drone says that Yaz is defying Holy Law, by being out without a man to accompany her. After Yaz argues for a bit, two more drones come to see what’s happening. Soon the drones zap Yaz with some kind of sedative. She blacks out.

It looks like the gang’s last visit, was turned into a religion, where the Loba are slaves, and The Temple rule everything. Can the Doctor and her companions figure out what’s gone wrong, and save the Loba from eternal slavery? Find out in this great book, based on the BBC series!

I actually found this book, from watching Juno Dawson at the Young Adult Literature Day at the Southbank Centre. It was a really good day, and so was this book. It was a very great book, and the characters were portrayed very true to the TV show.

Let us know what you think! Do you have any book recommendations?

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