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Beyond the Bright Sea – Lauren Wolk. Reviewed by Magic girl (age 11)

It’s about a girl named Crow who lives on an island with her “father”, a man who rescued her when he found her cradle drifting on the sea, the baby in it just hours old. Crow’s other companion is a woman called Miss Maggie, their neighbor.

Crow’s life has always been peaceful, but she was always curious about her own history. Where were her family? Why did they abandon her?And when she sees a mysterious fire across the water, she knew she couldn’t wait any longer.

Like that, she sets off on a quest to search for her past, and soon, a trigger of events occur, leading Crow towards her past, and towards danger.

This book isn’t exactly my taste, but it’s a good book, full of love, friendship, and family.


Let us know what you think! Do you have any book recommendations?

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