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Hilda and the Great Parade – Luke Pearson & Stephen Davies. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (13)

Hilda and her mum have moved out of their wilderness home, into the city of Trolberg. This is obviously a very big change for Hilda, as she’s lived in her little wooden cabin her whole life and now she’s in a place of grey apartments, grey skies and grey roads. She goes to a grey school where she learns grey subjects. She much prefers life in the wild. That is what she’s thinking when she stared out of the window in class. Miss Hallgrim picks up on this and asks Hilda what she was talking about. Hilda leans over to look at her friend Frida’s notes. She struggles to read Frida’s writing and mistakes the word float for stoat. The class laugh at her. Miss Hallgrim sends Hilda to stand outside in the corridor until home time.

Hilda’s class is going to be decorating a float in the Great Parade in three days. In addition to the float decorating, they will need to prepare an exhibition with the theme of Wonderful Trolberg. Hilda would find that hard since there’s not much good about Trolberg. However, after school, she and her friends go on the hunt for some interesting plants. They come to the edge of Trolberg, where they find some great plants for their exhibition, but also some elves. But not just any elves. WILD elves! RUN!

This is an absolutely great book, and I really enjoyed reading it. I have loved Hilda since the Hildafolk graphic novels, and now the full-length novels are just as good (maybe better)!

A HUGE thank you to Flying Eye Books for sending me a pre-published copy! Don’t forget to read the book, and then check out the Hilda series on Netflix, to see Hilda and her friends in some more action!


Let us know what you think! Do you have any book recommendations?

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