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Oblivion – Anthony Horowitz. Reviewed by Will04 (age 11)

Oblivion is the final book in the series of five. It tells the story of the five gatekeepers: Matt, Pedro, Jamie, Scott and Scarlett.

The old ones have returned to the earth and with them comes pain, death and destruction. The only way to defeat the old ones is for all of them to attack Chaos (king of the old ones) at the same time.

However, after getting so close in Hong Kong, they have been transported ten years into the future and have been separated all over the globe. Matt to Brazil, Scott and Pedro to Italy, Jamie to England and Scarlett to Egypt.

Chaos has built his army in Antarctica with shape changers, fly soldiers, his mysterious horsemen and the other old ones. With humanity so close to starvation many of them have sold themselves to this army.

But the five have powers too, Pedro is a healer, Scott and Jamie are telepathic twins and have the ability to use mind control, Matt can move anything such as he could tear a part of the cliff off and Scarlett is Lin Mo Chinese goddess of the sea, she can control the weather.

Unfortunately, one of the five has turned traitor and the others know that without him they cannot win.


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