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The Paninis of Pompeii – Andy Stanton & illustrated by Sholto Walker. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (13)

Good evening mortals. It is I, Mango Bubbles Boy. Descending from the heavens bearing wonderful news, that everyone’s favourite holy prophet, Andrew J. Stanton, is to bless this Earth with a new series of holy scriptures! The first of which will be released in June 2019. Thank you very much to Egmont and Andy Stanton for baptising me with an advance copy! So advance it doesn’t even have half the holy images yet!

Get ready for a rollercoaster of laughs, crying-laughs, and rolling-on-the-kitchen-floor-laughs, when you read the first book of the new series: The Paninis of Pompeii! Witness Pompeii like never before! With its pencils with rubbers on the end! Pompeii with its Mirror-Men! And my personal favourite: Mirror-Men with rubbers on the end! Pompeii was also where the rich fart-merchant Caecilius Panini, his wife Vesuvius Panini and their son Filius Panini lived. Join them on their all exhilerating adventures, such as drawing a face on the moon (using pencils with rubbers on the end); switching lives with the household slave; and investigating the mystery of the missing Julius Caeser pendant, marriage ring, golden arm band and two-hundred foot statue of a swan!

I absolutely LOVE every page of this book! The humour is at another level of awesomeness. Only to be rivalled by the likes of Mr Gum! The characters are so relatable, I mean, I also love singing about foxes and grapes! I definitely recommend checking out The Paninis of Pompeii. Oh and also if you love Mr Gum, then don’t forget to get tickets for Mr Gum and The Dancing Bear the Musical!

Thanks once again to Egmont and Andy for sending me a copy of the book. It’s much appreciated!!

Let us know what you think! Do you have any book recommendations?

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