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Banana Girl interviews Jane Hardstaff

Banana Girl (age 10) interviewed the fabulous Jane Hardstaff, author of The Executioner’s Daughter and River Daughter.

Q What is your favourite colour?

A The green of new leaves

Q What is your favourite Animal?

A Arctic wolf

Q When did you start writing?

A I’ve been writing in one form or another since I was a child. But book writing (involving tea, toast + equal measures of elation and despair) – about 7 years.

Q If you were a super hero, what would your super power be?

A I still have dreams about flying, so that would be my number 1 superpower of choice. But the ability to talk to animals would be cool too. I’d like to know what squirrels think of us.

Q If you had a dinner party who would you invite?

A Ok, this is hard, very hard, but… Hermione Granger, Lyra Belacqua, David Attenborough, Seamus Heaney, Neil Gaiman, Queen Elizabeth I and (of course) Han Solo.

Q What is your greatest fear?

A Losing the people I love

Q What was your job before you started writing?

A TV Producer (still am!)

Q What was the worst thing and the best thing about that job?

A The worst thing is the deadlines, the best thing is working with fun, talented people.

Q Who is your favourite character in River Daughter?

A Well, I have two favourites, but if you’re making me choose, then Eel-Eye Jack. I LOVED writing him – all that danger, charisma and mystery. He helped me delve deeper into Moss’ needs and desires in a very satisfying way.

Q Are you writing another book, and if so what is it about?

A Ah… yes, I am writing a totally new book, set in a future that feels like that past. It’s the story of a one-eyed girl who finds a wolf in a world where wolves are extinct.

Q When do you think it will be published?

A Almost impossible to say! I need to finish writing it first. I’m away to my dark corner now, with tea and toast…

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