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We want to publish lots of reviews written by kids so send yours now – it’s really easy! Just write it in the form (below).

Reviews can be as short or as long as you like and it doesn’t matter if someone has already reviewed the same book! It’s a good idea to say a bit about what happens in the book. Don’t give away too much of the plot though!

And then tell everyone why you like the book – is it funny, clever, scary, exciting? Are the characters unusual, crazy, brave or silly?

Write your review in the form (below), giving us a made-up name and your age. We’ll contact you as soon as we can and let you know when your review will be published. We promise to publish as many reviews as we can!

Let us have an email address and we’ll send you a certificate!

If you want to send something other than a written review (a drawing, a link to a filmed review, a list of your top 10 books, a recommendation, an idea for a new thing we could do!) please get in touch by emailing


Thank you!


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  1. I heart most books never read MICHAEL MORPORGO!! Take my advice if u want 2! THIS SIGHT ROCKS!!

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