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The Wild Robot Escapes – Peter Brown. Reviewed by Magic girl (13)

This is the second book of The wild robot, which is also a great book! 😉

The wild robot, Roz, has been forced back to human society, and now starts her new life. She ends up at a farm acting as a robot farmer, and even though she likes it, the memories of her life on the island make her want to escape.

And so, when her son Brightbill appears, she is ready to make a run for it.

The two journey across mountains and sea, towns and even the city, where Roz is caught. But just as it seemed to be the end, Roz meets somebody, and is saved.

I loved the first book, and definitely the second. It shows a world in the future filled with robots, and how a human-made mind can have emotions.

Let us know what you think! Do you have any book recommendations?

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