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We started this website so we could publish lots of book reviews written by kids! Please send us your reviews – you can write about any book you like! If you want to send us a drawing or do a filmed review, email us:

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It’s all about books. Cos we love ’em.

Mango Bubbles Boy (age 14)


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  1. Just saying your site is very good and I wrote a review- I hope you like it!

    – PC (Peachy cloud)

  2. Hi MANGO
    thanks for the review on The Darkest hour. I’ll soon do a review on the third book.
    PS. Can’t do review now in Poland for four days.

  3. To Mango
    I’ve left a review on the Odin Mission on the post ” Want to write a review”

  4. Mango could you do a review on Liar and Spy
    PS. I can soon give you a review on THE ODIN MISSION. Tell you what I’ll show you it and you can buy it.

  5. I absolutely love this website you’ve made me want to read a lot of these books Princess 6 wants you to review a Biff & Chip book if you do not have one I can lend you one of hers.

  6. These reviews are awesome! I’m just going to write one. I hope you enjoy and I agree with chubby.

    Din Din.

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