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A Boy Called Christmas – Matt Haig and Chris Mould. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (10)

Nikolas is an 11 year old boy, who lives in a hut in one of the forests of Finland. He lives with his Father, as his mother fell down a well running away from a bear. One day his father is offered a job (his current job as a woodcutter doesn’t pay well) that will get him 3000 rubles! So Joel the woodcutter ventures with 7 other men, to attempt to find the magical Elfhelm, the elf town. As you know, Nikolas is only 11, so Joel orgainsed for Aunt Carlotta (the dreadful aunt) to come to the hut and look after Nikolas. So to make a good story, Nikolas ran away, to find his father. On the way he found a Reindeer by the River Blitzen. So he and the newly named Reindeer (Blitzen) travel to Elfhelm. But as Finland in such a cold place, well you can imagine what happened, Nikolas and Blitzen fell asleep in the snow. When they woke up…

This is such a good book, because it paints a really clear image in your head of Nikolas and the story. The pictures also help (as expected). The plot is so unique, that I think anyone could get engrosed in it, just as I did, Adult or Baby (OK, well maybe not a Baby, but you know what I mean)!!!!!!!!!! Also it is just the right kind of book to buy at Christmas hence the name, A Boy Called Christmas.



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