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Very Little Sleeping Beauty – Teresa Heapy and Sue Heap. Reviewed by Pheebs (14)

Very Little Sleeping Beauty is about a very little princess in a castle who can’t wait for her birthday party, but has many trials to face before she can finally go to bed before the big day!

I honestly could not predict where the delightful plot would take me next and was pleasantly surprised at every turn. With lovable and distinctive characters, it has a very easy-reading and gentle style of writing and is a feel-good tale; just the right length to send toddlers off to sleep.

I thought that the illustration was beautiful, with a small map of the Very Little Princess World at the back and front as a quirky addition; to which I very much enjoyed looking at… and to which I know adults and little ones will both love.

A clever use of fonts provides a visually pleasing image for children (and adults!) to see. There are detailed, colourful pictures to look and point at, and the large pages are great to turn for tiny hands, and all in all, Very Little Sleeping Beauty makes an engaging and easy read for young children that will be clamoured for again and again at bedtime (and a brilliant thing too!).

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