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The Swallow Tales – K.M.Peyton. Reviewed by Super Sleuth (14)

Rowan is desperate for a horse of her own, so when her father narrowly misses colliding his car with a dark, beautiful stray, she feels as if he was always supposed to be hers. But Swallow is as wild and spirited as his name and fate threatens to tear them apart…

‘The Swallow Tales’ are a trilogy of books all published in one: ‘The Swallow Tale’, ‘The Swallow Summer and ‘Swallow, the Star’. They are all about a girl called Rowan, her horsey friends the Hawes family and of course the many horses that they own. Rowan is new to the countryside and when she rescues Swallow from the downs, she is determined to learn to ride and become good enough to ride the wild and difficult Swallow.

These are three of the best books that I have ever read. I found all of them gripping reads, although ‘The Swallow Summer’ was my favourite. I adore horses and riding, but I also think that these would appeal to people who aren’t horse mad like me as these books are not just focused on the horses. They are also about friendship and family and carry a strong message about being determined and following your dreams. I thought that all of the characters were brilliant, from brave, sensible Charlie and headstrong daredevil Hugh, to timid Lizzie and determined Rowan. Even the youngest of the children, Shrimp, was a strong and interesting character. All three books were packed with dramatic plot which made me want to read on and find out what happened to all of the characters. I read the whole trilogy in just a few days!

Three truly brilliant books which I would recommend to anyone from the age of 9 to 109!

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Swallow Tales

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