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The Raven Mysteries: Lunatics and Luck – Marcus Sedgewick and Pete Williamson. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (12)

Edgar is back in another adventure, with Cudweed, Solstice, Valevine and Minty Otherhand. It all began with an earthquake. The earthquake that changed Valevine’s mind in getting his children a school tutor. So the tutor came, but Cudweed and Solstice didn’t like him. He carried a large box that he claimed was filled with clothes and stuff. So while the kids were having their first lesson, Edgar the raven went into his little crevice, so that he could watch. He got so bored he nearly fell sleep, multiple times.

But Edgar was intrigued by the new teacher. He was very hairy, and some mornings, Minty found mangled bodies on the floor. Edgar knew that something was wrong. It was just trying to get through to the humans that would be the problem. While all this was going on, Valevine and Finch (the butler) were trying to make a machine that could tell the future. Edgar saw one of the products of this machine: Smoking White Monkey Dress Pipe Stupid. Cudweed had a stupid monkey, called Fellah. Earlier in the day, Fellah had come into Cudweed’s room wearing a white miniature wedding dress, smoking a pipe. It worked! Edgar saw another of the prophecies: Teacher Chewing Gloomy Girl Yummy. Oh no! Solstice! So Edgar managed to get Cudweed to tell Valevine that his machine had worked, and that Solstice was in danger! So Finch, Valevine, Cudweed and Edgar set off to save Solstice from being eaten!!

This is a really great book, it is really funny, and has great characters and illustrations. It is really well written! I highly recommend it. As you can probably tell from the review, it is narrated by a raven called Edgar!


Let us know what you think! Do you have any book recommendations?

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