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The Unpredictability of Being Human – Linni Ingemundsen. Reviewed by Banana Girl (12)

What would you do if you were God for a day? The thought provoking question starts off this book – what would YOU do if you were God for a day? End poverty? Create world peace? Yes, that’s what everyone else in Malin’s class said. But not Malin. Because, if God existed he would have already done these things.

Malin is a teenager who lives in a small town in Norway. She lives with her dysfunctional family, she doesn’t have many friends, and none of the boys appear to be interested in her.

Her only friend, Hanna ( who she met when she was shoplifting a chocolate bar ) couldn’t be more different from her, her cousin Magnus, ( a growing swimming star ) is trying to teach her swimming – with little success, and the popular girls in her class – are they actually trying to be friends with Malin, or are they really just out to get her?

This tale is about growing up, and fitting in when you’re different, and understanding that sometimes being “okay” is enough.

I would highly recommend this book to others my own age and maybe older. I read this in just two days – it would have been one, but my dad had to come and take the book off me because it was 11:00pm on a school night…



Let us know what you think! Do you have any book recommendations?

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