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You’re a bad man, Mr Gum – Andy Stanton and David Tazzyman. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (8)

Mr Gum is a bad man who lives in Lamonic Bibber. He hates children, animals, fun and corn on the cob. He liked snoozing in  bed all day, being lonely and scowling at things. He lives in a great old house, but it isn’t that great because he has turned it into a disgusting old moulding building. He is being terrorised by an angry fairy with a frying pan if he doesn’t keep the garden neat and tidy. One day a dog comes along and ruins the garden… and so the battle between good (The dog (Jake), Polly (The hero) and don’t forget the mysterious old man!)  and evil (Mr Gum and Billy William The Third) begins! Who will win?!?!?! There are nine Mr Gum books in the series, Andy Stanton has also written ‘Sterling and the canary’ and ‘Here comes the poo bus’. All of his books are absolutely fabulous, I find them really funny, and I’m sure you will love them as much as I do! You're a bad man Mr Gum

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  1. Hi like what you do mango bubbles it is a epic website and fun to look at and love the reviews you are epic

  2. I am very, very fond of Mr Gum. Particularly Alan with his electric muscles. This is also an excellent blog. I hope you *may* accept a guest post at some point in the future…

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