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Compton Valance: The time travelling sandwich bites back – Matt Brown. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (9)

Compton Valance and Bryan Nylon made a time travelling sandwich in the previous adventure, but now Compton’s evil brother, Bravo Valance has stolen it!! Bravo is now travelling through time.

Samuel Nathaniel Daniels took Compton and Bryan to the FPU (Future Perfect Unit) to meet the Commissioner. The Commissioner said that Bravo was breaking time apart!! This was not good. They tried to get a lock on where Bravo might go next! So using his W.A.T.C.H Samuel Nathaniel Daniels has taken them to Smeldey’s chocolate factory in 1879, to find Bravo had invented ‘Smeldey’s Delightful Exploders’!!

Where will Bravo strike next, and more inportently, will Compton, Bryan and Samuel Nathaniel Daniels save the universe from total desruction?! READ THIS AWESOME BOOK TO FIND OUT, IT IS BY MATT BROWN!!

time travelling sandwich

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