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Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard. Reviewed by Banana Girl (12)

What colour is your blood? Red? Silver?

Apologies if you are confused – I almost forgot to mention we are  living far far into the future, were there are now two blood types –no, not A or O or even AB, but Red blood, and Silver blood.

If you have Silver blood, congratulations, you are a privileged wealthy citizen with a comfortable life. One side effect of having Silver blood, is you may end up with… superpowers, to put it that way. What kind of superpower? Well, it’s usually whatever power your father has. You might be able to blow things up, be magnetic or turn yourself invisible. Or even be able to read minds! Pretty cool right?

Now, if you have Red blood… well, I don’t like to be the bringer of bad news, but you are likely to live a short, desperate and melancholy life. You are of course, ruled by a Silver King and Queen, so they can do what they like with you – which is generally making you go and die in one of their wars. If it’s not that, then you are probably a servant to the Silver Nobles. But don’t worry, not all is lost! If you do have red blood, there is still a possibility that you can have a power of your own! Granted it’s very rare but still possible!

Just think of legendary Mare Barrow, your average Red, who had a power of her own. The Silvers disguised her as a Silver princess to hide her power. But at the time there was a revolution named the Scarlet Guard, who were fed up with how the Reds were being treated. Mare decided to join the Scarlet Guard, and was determined to bring down the Silvers – from the inside!

So, now you’ve heard about how the world works, take your pick, red or silver?

Nail bitingly suspenseful ( which is saying something because I NEVER bite my nails ) and with surprises dotted around every corner! Do you think Mare will succeed on her quest to create equality among reds and silvers? Well there is only one way to find out…

Red Queen

red queen drawing

Image created by Banana Girl

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