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The Bees – Laline Paull. Reviewed by Banana Girl (10)

Flora 717 is unusual. First of all, unlike the rest of her type ( a sanitisation worker bee ), she is not a mute. She is not particularly pretty either, but then you don’t have to be if you are born into a bee hive as the lowest of the low. Despite this, during many of Flora’s adventures of the outside, the Holy Mother and their greatest enemies, wasps, Flora’s status begins to get higher – but there are traitors in the hive, and Flora may soon become a traitor herself…

***** five star and a smiley face for this book. I read this book non-stop, and it is interesting that the author has chosen bees, as we do not really think about what happens to the bees inside the hive, the word bee normally conjures up the image of honey and bee stings, but never what life is LIKE for a bee. This is also an adults book, but it is still fascinating! The Bees drawing

The Bees


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