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Spies in Disguise: Boy In Tights – Kate Scott. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (9)

Joe is moving house. Him, his mum and dad are on the move. They get in the new, black car, outside their house. They zoom off.

When they get to their first destination, it is a motel. They walk up the fire escape to their room. Then Mum says they are spies!!!!

Then ‘room service’ knocks on the door. Joe and Dad have to slip out of the window, and Mum runs after them. Mum has a new car, it speeds off.

Finally they get to their new house. But Mum says that Joe has to disguise as a girl!! And go to school as a girl!!
The next day Joe goes to school as Josephine/Josie.

Will Joe Get found out as a boy? Find out in Spies in Disguise: Boy In Tights- Kate Scott!!

I loved this book, it was just like ‘The Great Brain Robbery’ by Anna Kemp in that it had one of the most exiting endings EVER!!!

boy in tights

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